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DHT Hair Loss

An Introduction to DHT

Hair loss in men can be caused by a number of different things. Some of these things, like age, are untreatable. You can fix the most surgeries and other harmful and painful physical treatments, but there are no pills you can take in order to stop age related hair loss.

Luckily, age related hair loss is actually very rare. The reality is that most hair loss is caused by a hormone known as DHT. DHT, or its longer name, Dihydrotestosterone, is a hormone that is three times as powerful as testosterone and commonly found in male embryos all the way until puberty. After puberty, however, DHT starts getting created at a significantly reduced pace because it is far less necessary for common body functions and is more necessary for things like physical development.

Since most extreme forms of male physical development and after puberty, if you are continuing to create DHT, the hormone will have far less to do. It moves around in your body with nowhere to go, and so would it ends up doing is attaching itself to your hair follicles, preventing them from receiving the nutrients that they need in order to grow hairs correctly.

Treatment for DHT Hair Loss

Once the DHT has attached itself to your hair follicles, hair loss begins to occur. At first, all the DHT does is cause your hairs to weaken (and this can be seen by the hairs weakening). But once the DHT has been on your hair follicles for a long enough time, the follicles begin to slowly die off until no hair can grow in those areas again.

That is why it is so important to treat DHT before it gets out of hand. No treatment, regardless of whether it is designed to prevent DHT or not, can put the hair follicle back once it is dead. You need to treat the DHT before it causes these follicles die, which means treating the DHT early and with something effective enough to work right away.

Surprisingly, it is hard to find an effective DHT blocker on the market that is going to work for almost everyone that takes it. And since taking an ineffective product means you are allowing the DHT to kill more hair follicles, it becomes even more vital to find a product that can effectively block DHT right away.

Only Procerin has been found to stop DHT from being created without any side effects. It is the best way to stop DHT available.

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