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How to Block DHT

When people decide they want to use Chemical Products to block DHT, what they are choosing to do is not prevent DHT from being created, but rather taking some type of treatment that inhibits the creation of other hormones and other enzymes that are known to create DHT in your body. So rather than block DHT, you are essentially suppressing what are sometimes vital hormones simply to make sure the DHT is not produced at a high rate.

That is why so many of these Chemical Products used to block DHT continue to have such extensive and harmful side effects when they are use regularly. Very often, where you"ll find what these products is that they suppressed too much of some of these essential hormones, resulting in sexual problems and other male issues.

The Best Way to Block DHT

That is why if you want to block DHT you should be using a natural treatment that will not have any of these same side effects yet will still be able to prevent Dihydrotestosterone from being created in your body. One of the best ways to block DHT in this manner is to use an herbal supplement known as saw palmetto.

Unlike the Chemical Products, saw palmetto is able to block DHT simply by preventing the process that creates it. DHT is created when an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase combines with testosterone. What saw palmetto does is it simply prevents this combination from taking place. You still have the enzyme, and you still have testosterone, but you have significantly less DHT and thus were able to block DHT from being produced without affecting the rest of your body and the way it works.

That is why it is so important to use saw palmetto to block DHT instead of using many of the chemical treatments and other options that are available on the market. There"s no reason to risk your health for the sake of your hair, and only saw palmetto is able to block DHT without harming your body and without affecting the levels of other hormones that you have and need to use daily.


The best way to block DHT is with a product known as Procerin. Procerin is completely natural treatment option for hair loss that uses a topical cream and a nutritional supplement to stop DHT related hair loss using its powerful saw palmetto based formula.

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