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Discover how DHT Affects Hair Loss

DHT Causes Hair Loss

Why DHT Causes Hair Loss?

Many people start to wonder when they get older what exactly causes their hair to fall out. Could it be the stress in their lives or something genetic? There are a number of different theories that men like to toss around as they attempt to come to terms with their balding heads, but in almost 92% of the cases, DHT causes hair loss and that hair loss can be slowed, stopped and even reversed in many cases if caught early enough.

How DHT Causes Hair Loss?

The question many men want to know then is how exactly DHT causes hair loss. The truth is that the problem is slightly genetic. In many men, who have a history of hair loss in their families, an overproduction of DHT or dihydrotestosterone will occur when a certain enzyme, 5AR, starts to interact too much with the testosterone present in all men. The resultant DHT will then bind with hair follicles and their androgen receptors and start blocking the flow of the necessary nutrients that hair follicle needs to remain healthy.

When this happens, the hair will begin to grow brittle and light. Eventually, it will die and fall out and if it is left uncared for too long, DHT causes hair loss that cannot be reversed by killing follicles altogether. This is a problem many men face early on in their lives, making them think it is reversible, but the longer you wait, the worse it can get.

The Solutions

The solution then is to act quickly to block the way DHT causes hair loss before it can set in and become a permanent problem. This can be done by using a wide array of medications, or better yet, herbal remedies and supplements that do not cause any side effects. There are many available out there including the likes of Saw Palmetto - an all natural option that doesn"t cause any of the nasty sexual problems that medications can.

A top option though and one that many men decide to go with is a product like Procerin, which provides a proven, all-natural solution to hair loss. The product works within your hair"s growth phase to stop the blocking of nutrients and then enrich your follicles to help them regrow hair when possible. The combination of a twice daily pill and topical ointment works like a charm to build up the perfect response to early hair loss and you owe it to yourself to check it out if you"re at that point yourself.

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