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DHT Hair Loss in Women

Is There Such a Thing as DHT Hair Loss in Women?

Anyone who has read anything about hair loss probably knows that it stems from the overproduction of DHT in a man"s body almost 92% of the time. This hormonal imbalance then leads to a blockage of the receptors in the man"s scalp that transmit the nutrients needed to keep hair healthy and alive. The result is hair loss and if not treated properly, it can be permanent.

But many women want to know if DHT hair loss in women is a possibility and rightfully so. A good part of 40% of women have some form of thinning which appears as balding before they turn 40 years old and the problem seems to be untreatable. So, what is it DHT hair loss in women, or is it something else?

The Truth

The truth is that women do not have the same amount of testosterone and enzymes in their body that create DHT to start with. So, DHT hair loss in women is not a problem so much as the lack of nutrition the hair might be getting. What happens is that women"s hair will start to lose the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to remain healthy.

Because that hair falls out every day in amounts in the hundreds to be replaced by new hairs, those follicles and new hairs need to remain healthy. When they do not, they grow in thin and weak and the result is a look akin to balding where thin hair replaces thick and full hair.

The Solution

Because DHT hair loss in women does not exist, the need for chemical treatments for hair loss also does not exist. It"s a waste of time and energy to throw expensive, unnecessary treatments at women"s hair loss that is only going to create very real medical problems. Instead, proper nutrition through supplements and a topical application of some kind should be used to create a full treatment plan.

One such method that has worked like a charm for countless women already is Sephren, an all natural treatment plan that combines a supplement with needed vitamins, minerals and rare herbal extracts with a topical foam that removes the damaging sebum on the scalp and nourishes hair from the outside. The treatment, working from both angles, ensures that the hair receives everything it needs to remain as healthy as possible and keep from thinning and weakening prematurely, something no woman wants.

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