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DHT Hair Loss Prevention

One of the worst things about male pattern baldness is how hard it is to initially realize you are losing hair in time to seek treatment. If you've started to notice hair thinning of any degree, acting quickly with a DHT hair loss prevention treatment can be the key to retaining as much hair as possible and growing back any hair that you've lost. The right DHT blocking treatment can go a long way toward helping you keep the healthy head of hair you start with if you catch hair thinning as soon as you notice a problem.

How DHT Hair Loss Prevention Works

A man suffering from male pattern baldness contains a hormone called dihydrotestosterone - or DHT - that attacks hair follicles and eventually causes baldness. DHT hair loss prevention works by stopping DHT production so hair follicles are no longer attacked. Follicles that are still present and functioning in a growing phase can begin to regrow hair that has been lost, and follicles that still have hair should be capable of continuing to function normally. With DHT blocking hair loss prevention, a man will need to continue using the treatment of choice to keep DHT from returning and restoring the hair loss cycle.

Prescription drugs provide DHT hair loss prevention that can work for many of the men who try it. Unfortunately, because prescription DHT blocking medication works through effecting testosterone in a direct manner, it often involves undesirable sexual side effects that many men would consider worse than the initial balding. Some try topical foams as an alternative, though the DHT blocking effect of topical foam doesn't have the same long lasting benefit you find in a pill based remedy that works internally.

Choosing The Right DHT Hair Loss Prevention Help

The ideal DHT hair loss prevention help needs to be capable of providing both internal and external DHT blocking help to create the long term sustainable hair growth a man needs. This help also needs to be free of the sexual side effects that plague prescription DHT therapy. Procerin is a DHT blocking hair loss prevention supplement that works by stopping the enzyme that creates DHT from testosterone before DHT is created. Since Procerin does not target testosterone directly, it has no side effects to worry about and can combine safely with other hair loss treatment options. Procerin works both internally through a supplement and externally through a topical agent to do everything possible to stop DHT and promote the growth of healthy hair.

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