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What Comes in a DHT Hair Loss Product?

The loss of a man"s head of hair is a tragic day. From the first follicle to drop to the floor to the last strand of hope on a shiny bald head, the funeral march can be long and odious - mocking you from one step to the next. But, it doesn"t have to be that way. Hair loss is not a tragedy that cannot be reversed. You can make decisions that will allow you to both stop hair loss and reverse the effects with a quality DHT hair loss product.

What a DHT Hair Loss Product Does?

The thing about hair loss is that in 92% of men, it"s the result of a single hormonal problem. Your body creates too much DHT, which happens when you have testosterone interact with an enzyme that appears a bit too much. This problem can be largely genetic, but it doesn"t have to be permanent. While the DHT does its best to go in and block your hair follicles from producing new hair, you can do your best to counteract the problem by using a DHT hair loss product.

What DHT Hair Loss Products Are Out There?

There are a number of DHT hair loss product options on the market right now, with the most visible being those that require a prescription. However, keep in mind that when you choose a medical option - something that is going to completely affect your overall body"s balance and cause other, sometimes severe medical problems, you are taking a bazooka to an ant hill. It"s unnecessary and it causes more problems that you had to start with - things like sexual dysfunction.

The right path is to find a product that is all natural and that will work with your body to block DHT and regrow hair. There are herbs on the market that do this as well as a number of supplements that help your body as a DHT hair loss product.

One such supplement is Procerin. The key to Procerin is that it works naturally with your body, building up a way to block the DHT from overproducing and reaching your hair follicles to start with. By doing this, it helps to produce an environment in which your hair can stop falling out and start regrowing. Along with a proven topical serum that treats hair from the outside as well, Procerin works in multiple ways to ensure your hair never falls out again and that you maintain the health you need for your hair to keep going.

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