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DHT Hair

What Does DHT Hair Loss Like?

Even though all hair loss caused by Dihydrotestosterone is treatable, it needs to be treated early. DHT hair loss is only treatable when you catch it early, because as Dihydrotestosterone continues to ravage your hair follicles, it will continue to prevent them from receiving nutrients. At first, this DHT hair will just weaken and the eventually it can be saved. But once this DHT hair has had time to affect the follicle to the point where it is so weak that it shrivels up and dies that is when the hair loss becomes permanent.

Treating DHT Hair

The best kind of DHT hair treatment is one that is going to be effective enough to work right away. No matter how effective the treatment is in the long run, the longer it takes before becomes effective enough to save the hair, the more hairs will permanently fall out. You need to use some type of DHT hair treatment that is going to work right away, before any more hairs get weak enough that they may start fading away and never come back.

At the same time, however, you cannot simply take any treatment that is going to work right away because some of them have side effects that are so unbearable that those that take them to treat their DHT hair often quit resulting in continued hair loss. You need to make sure that you are taking a natural type of treatment - one that will not cause any side effects so that you will have no reason to quit using the remedy.

Very few DHT hair remedies can claim that they work both quickly and without any side effects. Even the most effective products tend to take a long time before they work to the point that the user is able to see significant results, and those that do work quickly tend to do so while risking your overall health and wellness.

Only one DHT hair product has shown itself to be able to stop Dihydrotestosterone related hair loss without any side effects or risk for long term health problems with continued use. That product is known as Procerin - a combination nutritional supplement and topical cream treatment option that is designed to work with your body to stop the creation of DHT and ultimately not only stop the your hairs from falling out, but also reverse DHT hair loss for all of those hairs that still have a follicle attached.

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