Hair Loss?
Discover how DHT Affects Hair Loss

DHT Inhibitor

Why Inhibition is Better than Suppression?

There are currently a number of questions about hair loss treatments that are still trying to be answered. For example:

  • What is the best way to stop DHT?
  • Is there a way to stop DHT without any side effects?

Most of these questions have to do with not understanding that there are other ways to prevent hair loss other than the pharmaceutical products that are released every year.

The DHT Inhibitor

Many people assume that the best way to treat hair loss is to use the pills that the pharmaceutical companies have made. But it turns out that these are not even close to the best option because they have a number of side effects that make them generally useless. The best way to treat hair loss caused by Dihydrotestosterone is to use a DHT inhibitor that has been made of natural ingredients and does not affect other chemicals in your body that you need daily.

What is the Difference Between a Natural DHT Inhibitor and Chemical Pills?

The primary difference between a natural DHT inhibitor and the pharmaceutical company offerings is that the DHT inhibitor does not suppress the creation of other important hormones and enzymes. The chemical supplements, on the other hand, are known to affect not only DHT but also hormones related to the creation of DHT. But these hormones are absolutely necessary for proper body function. Considering all you really want is a DHT inhibitor, and not something that affects the way the rest of your body works, you want to be taking one of these natural products that is not going to cause these health problems or these health concerns. Only by preventing DHT from being created by using a DHT inhibitor can you successfully prevent Dihydrotestosterone from affecting your hair follicles without having to risk experiencing any uncomfortable side effects.

That is why it is so important to start using a DHT and have their rather than many of the other products that are available on the market. The best DHT inhibitor, one that is made using these natural and safe ingredients, is known as Procerin. Procerin has an incredibly long history of success treating hair loss in men of all ages, especially when it is used before the hair loss gets out of hand. Procerin"s all natural ingredients make it better than almost every other product available on the market.

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