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DHT Shampoo

The Choice of DHT Shampoo

When people choose to start using some type of treatment to stop their Dihydrotestosterone related hair loss, they often have to choose between a pill type supplement and a DHT shampoo, or some related topical type of treatment.

While there are differences in the effectiveness of both of these types of products, one thing that many nutrition lists argue is that regardless of which one is more effective, if there"s one that you think you are far more willing to take regularly, that one should be of the treatment that you choose.

DHT Shampoo and Other Topical Treatments

That is one of the main reasons that people choose to use a DHT shampoo or similar topical treatments that go on your scalp in order to stop hair loss by providing your hair follicles with the nutrients they need through your skin.

The belief is that a DHT shampoo is going to be significantly easier to remember because everyone showers every day, making it extremely easy to ensure that the DHT shampoo is used on a regular basis. Pills, on the other hand, are far easier to forget. Even if you plan a specific time to take a DHT blocking pill, if you do not have water available or something to wash it down with, it makes it very easy to put it off and tool you forgotten whether not you took it that day.

With a DHT shampoo, as well as creams and other treatment types that ball being placed on your scalp, all you need to do is ask yourself while you are taking your shower whether not you have used the DHT shampoo that day. If you have not, place it on your scalp and you are done for the day. No having to counter pills, no having to look for water - all you need to do is check your head, and if you"ve not put anything very at placed the topical treatment or DHT shampoo on your head and you are done.

That is why a DHT shampoo or some type of cream is such an effective way to treat your hair loss. By virtue of what it is, it is incredibly easy to remember, and thus easy to take regularly.

The best way to treat your DHT related hair loss is with a combination topical cream and nutritional supplement duel formula that can be found at

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