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DHT Side Effects

The 2 Most Common DHT Side Effects

As a male, when you are in your mother"s womb, you experienced a rush of male hormones that helped your body become a man. These hormones are known as androgens, and some of them are still constantly in use in your body today.

Others, however, are significantly and less necessary after you have finished development. Unfortunately, some of these androgens can still be created by your body even though your body no longer needs them. One of these hormones is known as Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.

Dihydrotestosterone is not only created in many men"s bodies after development, it is also the cause of several different health problems that can develop as the man grows older.

DHT Side Effects

There are a number of different DHT side effects that can occur when you have heavy levels of the hormone still in your body. However, two DHT side effects are especially well known:

  1. Prostate cancer
  2. Hair loss

Both of these DHT side effects are unwanted and can cause significant problems in a person"s life when they are suffering from.

Prostate Cancer

As clearly the most deadly of the DHT side effects, no one is really sure why high levels of DHT cause prostate cancer, but the link has been seen for many decades and it is very clear that somehow Dihydrotestosterone affects the way your prostate grows cells, resulting in prostate cancer.

Hair Loss

The most well known of the DHT side effects is hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone, one over produced, binds to your hair follicles and prevents them from receiving the nutrients that they need in order help your hair grow healthy as well as help keep your follicles alive. DHT hair loss is highly treatable, but it is only treatable when you still have follicles alive to treat. Once those follicles die, it is impossible to grow them back.

Both of these DHT side effects can become significant problems and a person"s life. When it comes to hair loss, a product known as Procerin has been designed to prevent these hair loss DHT side effects by blocking the creation of Dihydrotestosterone in your body. While this product was not created with the intention of preventing prostate cancer, the reduction in the amount of DHT that your body creates may help reduce your risk for that issue as well. But, at least, if you are suffering from hair loss, Procerin is easily the best treatment option available to you.

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