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Excess DHT Causes Hair Loss

How Excess DHT Causes Hair Loss?

Nobody wants their hair to fall out early in life. If yours is falling out, you know this because you"ve spent countless hours trying to figure out exactly what you can do to combat your own hair loss, researching what you can do to cover that blinding bald spot back up on your scalp. But, what you really need to do is get to the root of the problem the root where excess DHT causes hair loss.

What DHT Does to Your Scalp?

How come excess DHT causes hair loss? It"s a question many men ask when they first hear about the problem - more men still wonder what DHT is to start with. The truth is that DHT is not some strange, obscure chemical that is destroying your hair. It is simply a byproduct of your natural testosterone overreacting to an enzyme that your body naturally produces. The result is DHT and that DHT will then bind with your hair follicles and their androgen receptors, creating an environment where it is hard, if not impossible to get the nutrients your hair needs to the follicles.

What happens next is the root of most hair loss in men in their early years of life. The hair begins to grow weak and thin and eventually loses color and texture. In the end, the hair will start to fall out and before you know it the follicle will die and fall out with the hair. Once that follicle falls out, your hair is done for and that result is a scalp that cannot regrow hair.

What You Can do About it?

Whether excess DHT causes hair loss or not, you do have some things you can do to stop it. To start with, you can start taking supplements that will help boost your hair health and slow the spread of DHT. Things like Ginseng or Saw Palmetto are all natural with no side effects and will ensure that your body is able to block DHT and reproduce hair as it was intended.

What you should really consider though is seeking out and finding a product like Procerin, an all natural herbal supplement that has been tested time and again to provide the exact results you"re looking for. Sure, excess DHT causes hair loss, but it doesn"t need to cause permanent hair loss. If you act quickly and use a product like Procerin, you"ll be able to stop future hair loss and if you"re lucky even regrow that hair.

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