Hair Loss?
Discover how DHT Affects Hair Loss

Hair Loss DHT

How to Treat Hair Loss DHT?

Before you are even born, there is a hormone that is created in order to help create many of the physical male characteristics that you have today. This hormone is more powerful than testosterone by up to 300%, and does more to help create those same physical male characteristics during the embryonic and fetal stages of development. This hormone is known as Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, and it is important for helping you become who you are today.

However, once you get older this hormone becomes far less necessary. Eventually, with nothing else to do, it becomes hair loss DHT - the type of Dihydrotestosterone that binds to the follicles of your hair and prevents them from receiving the nutrients that they need in order to help your hair grow stronger and healthier. Hair loss DHT is treatable, but only if you catch it early enough that you can stop that Dihydrotestosterone from attacking your hair to the point where the hair follicle itself dies. Once the follicle dies, hair loss in that section becomes permanent.

Treating Hair Loss DHT

There are not many ways to treat hair loss DHT, but one of the best ways to treat it is by using an all natural supplement that has no side effects and is still able to treat your hair loss as well as many of the pharmaceutical products that have been created over the past several decades. But treating hair loss DHT with a natural product, you can get all the effectiveness of these pharmaceutical products but with none of the health risks either in the short or long term.

Unfortunately, there are only a few truly effective ways to treat hair loss DHT with natural products. There are a number of remedies that exist that are simply not as effective as other products on the market. And since hair loss DHT causes the hair loss to become more permanent if it is not treated early enough, that only heightens the urgency that you need to be taking a hair loss DHT product that is going to work quickly and effectively.

Only Procerin, has been able to work as effectively as many of the Chemical Products that are available but with none of this health risks that they carry. It is the best way to treat hair loss DHT, and easily the most effective way to do so without affecting the rest of your body.

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