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DHT Hair Loss is the Most Common Cause of Rapid Hair Loss

We all know a little bit about hormones. Estrogen and testosterone seem to be the most recognizable hormones and the easiest to remember thanks to their association with sexual activities, but those hormones also play an important role in hair loss.

In fact our hormonal levels help regulate hair follicle activity. When the hormones are out of balance hair can fall out rapidly or male or female pattern baldness symptoms can develop overnight although that’s rarely the case. We can function normally for a short period of time when our hormones are not balanced, but sooner or later symptoms like an extraordinary amount of DHT hair loss begins to manifest.

When the body produces too much testosterone it will automatically convert some of that hormone to the enzyme dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is one of the main villains in hair loss. DHT attaches or bonds with the receptors on the roots of the hair follicles and damages the roots, so our hair starts to fall out faster than the 100 to 150 hair loss rate that is considered normal hair loss in the hair growing cycle.

Over three women in ten and over six men in ten have too much DHT in the bloodstream and that causes hair loss and baldness at almost any age. DHT hair loss is the most common condition that dermatologists deal with on a daily basis, so they usually recommend a synthetic DHT hair loss blocker or will prescribe DHT hair loss pills to reduce the amount of DHT in the bloodstream.

DHT Hair Loss Treatments May Not Work For Everyone

The body is a very complex natural machine and everybody has a different chemical structure. Some DHT Hair loss treatments may not block DHT for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is usually rooted in a hormonal imbalance. Pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and a major illness are common causes of DHT production, but excessive stress, thyroid issues, and an autoimmune condition can also produce more DHT than the body needs. A typical DHT hair loss remedy may not be formulated to stimulate the hair follicles so the DHT is completely eliminated.

Most professionals like to recommend the ingredients in Procerin as a DHT hair loss treatment because it uses a two step approach to stimulating the hair follicles. Procerin has over seventeen ingredients which are known to be effective DHT hair loss blockers, as well as hair follicle stimulators. Procerin works internally as well as externally, so hair follicles can return to the normal hair growth cycle. Most Procerin users start to see new hair growth in thirty to forty days.

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